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Automatic door closer

Technically, an automatic door closer is not a new invention, but it has seen a rise in popularity in recent years. They work by sensing when someone or something has entered your doorway or exit pathway, and then close the door for you!

There are several types of automatic door closers, some being more affordable than others.

Reasons why an automatic door closer is important

Having an automatic door close device in your business or home can be very helpful in keeping doors closed at times you may not want them to be!

There are many reasons why having an automatic door closer is essential. Some of these include:

Protection from intrusion or theft

Security for others by warning people outside that there’s no one inside

Peace of mind when you know your space is protected

It is the manufacturer’s responsibility to ensure their product works properly, so it’s best to go with a well-known brands.

Types of automatic door closers

There are two main types of automatic door closers, contact-type and pull type. Contact-type doors have a sensor that detects when the door is not closed properly and closes it for you!

A common example of this is an overhead garage door. When the door is up, there’s enough space for vehicles to get in and out, but when the door is down, it creates a bottleneck that could cause accidents.

Automatic door closers work by sensing when the door is not fully closed and then pulling or pushing it back into position. Technically speaking, these types of door closer can be powered either electrically or hydraulically.

The advantage of using a hydraulic system is that it doesn’t require any electricity to operate which makes them perfect for applications where there isn’t easy access to power (for instance, during nighttime or off-grid times).

On the other hand, electrical ones are usually much cheaper than hydraulic counterparts so they are better if you need a large amount of installations. However, they are more expensive to buy.

Contact-type door closers typically use some sort of sensors to determine when the door has closed completely. These sensors can include levers that must touch each other, switches that close when contacts are made, capacitive plates that charge when contact is made, and many others.

Installation of an automatic door closer

First, make sure your doors are closed with 1-inch gap before installation. You do not want it to close while the door is open!

Next, locate the push button device that controls the door closure. There should be two parts: a handle or lever that users press down onto, and then a spring or plate that pushes up against the door to hold it shut. The size of the spring or plate depends on the type of door you have.

You will need to cut away some of the plastic coverings to access these components. Once they’re accessible, remove the covering material and replace it with thin cardboard so that you don’t scratch or damage the component.

Once done, run each door through its closing cycle several times to ensure it works properly. Once it does, slide the cartridge (the part with the spring) into its slot and tighten all screws until it feels snug. You now can leave this setup alone!

Automatic door closers are designed to take care of the rest. Most come with helpful instructions and tips, but here we go over some basics for you to know. For more information, check out our article about how to install an automatic door closer.

Maintenance of an automatic door closer

It is important to maintain your close device properly to ensure it functions correctly. If you notice that the door does not close completely, or the motor does not work at all, you should start by checking to see if the sensor has been covered up or washed away.

If this happens, then the computer in the unit will not recognize there is something blocking the opening, so it will keep trying to activate the mechanism. This can cause the machine to burn out quickly as it tries to function when it shouldn’t!

Once again, you will need to take your time to locate the manufacturer of your appliance and how to use it.

Troubleshooting an automatic door closer

If your device is no longer working, you can try to troubleshoot it! There are several parts of each close system that could be faulty, so do not give up hope just because it does not work anymore.

It is very important to know what part of the system your current model has before trying to fix it. Make sure to check out our article about different types of door closers!

Also, make sure to test the sensor first by placing something heavy (like a book or bag) near the closed doorway. This will determine if the sensor detects the weight as open or closed.

If the sensor does not activate, then check to see if the motor works.

Repairs for an automatic door closer

If your device is not working, try to fix it yourself first. Do not worry, there are many resources online with easy to follow steps.

Many people begin using auto door closers in new homes or remodels. Because they are used for close doors often, there are few manual openings. Therefore, most do not have to work as hard to use their device.

If you need to use your device however, you will have to manually open the door. This could be due to damage done to the motor, gear set, or linkage.

Replacement of an automatic door closer

Replacing an automatic door closer is not too difficult, but you do need to be careful how you handle it. Make sure you get the right one!

There are two main types of automatic door closers – sensor-type and lever-type. Sensor type will close your doors when someone or something enters the area closed by the door, while lever type uses gravity to close the door.

The hardest part about replacing either kind is knowing where to buy one. You can usually find them at home improvement stores, furniture stores, or through online sellers.

However, trying to figure out which one is correct for your specific door model can be tricky. There are some websites that offer reviews and comparisons, so do check those out before buying.

Reasons why you should get an automatic door closer

Having an automatic door close device is great way to eliminate annoying doors that stay open or closed for no reason. These can be very frustrating as they often times do not work properly, if at all!

Automatic door closers come in two main types: battery powered and electrical. Both have their benefits so it really comes down to which one is better for you and your home.

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